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 Updates [6/5/2012]

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Updates [6/5/2012] Empty
PostSubject: Updates [6/5/2012]   Updates [6/5/2012] EmptySun May 06, 2012 3:08 am

- You can now see the Quest guides for all the quests.
- Quest rewards are updated.
- If you lose your ram skull helm(e) , you can go back to the odd old man and get a new one.
- If you lose your GhostSpeak Amulet , you can go back to Father Urhney and get a new one.
- You need to complete Druidic Ritual to have access to the Herblore Skill.
- When you use up an overload potion it goes to a empty vial instead of a saradomin brew(1).
- Herblore Experience has been reduced.
- Donator Amulet gives 1.5x experience now and 3.5x on weekends.
- Overload making has been added. (96 herblore)
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Updates [6/5/2012]
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