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 Updates [03/5/2012]

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Updates [03/5/2012] Empty
PostSubject: Updates [03/5/2012]   Updates [03/5/2012] EmptyThu May 03, 2012 2:41 am

- 100% Firemaking was added(You cannot lite a fire on top of another).
- Rag and bone man quest was released!
- Thieving shop was updated, you will need 70 thieving to access it.
- You can now enter rogue's den and crack the wall safes for thieving experience.
- Increased pj'ing timer, this will hopefully stop pj'ing.
- You cannot train firemaking and woodcutting at the same time anymore.
- Fixed Combat Styles
- H.A.M. Camp was added, with the npc's(Soon to add picketpockting).
- Sea slug quest was released!
- You can now access more of Brimhaven dungeon by cutting the vines.
- Bank booths added in donator zone.
- You can now travel under White wolf mountain after fininshing "Fishing Contest".
- Money Pouch dupe fixed thanks to("Santa").
- Swamp tar, Bullseye lantern were added to gerneral store.
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Updates [03/5/2012]
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