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 [DEADXSILENCE] Introduction

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[DEADXSILENCE] Introduction Empty
PostSubject: [DEADXSILENCE] Introduction   [DEADXSILENCE] Introduction EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 9:51 pm

In-Game Username: Deadxsilence
In-Game Rank: Owner & Programmer
TimeZone: UTC-05:00 Eastern
Where I live: United States, New York
IRL name: James
Age: 18

Personal Information:
well hey there Razz , my name is james, it's pretty straightforward. I'm 18 years young , blowing my candles out on April 26th. I am a very easy going person & usually speak whats on my mind. I love body modification of all kind because it's a form of self-expression and amazing art. I plan on continuing my artistic skills to become a great tattoo artist/Piercer and hear about people's stories why they are getting the amazing symbolism of artwork on them. I've already had all kinds of body modifications and i'm only 18, i've had over 20+ piercings , i've tattooed myself and got 2 professional tattoo's. All my piercings i've had are eyebrows, snake bites, ears, industrial, collarbones, hips, and gauges(I'm at 5/8 in one ear and 0 in the other). I honestly don't care about anyone's opinion about me, the only person that should have an opinion on what I do and how I am is me. For the music I listen to, I love all different kinds but the main genres have to be rock, metal, screamo, techno, hardcore and a little rap(eminem). I am so many hobbies besides programming Sanguinem for you guys, I love to workout, skateboard, draw, tattoo, fish, go swimming, and hang with friends. Hmm.. some other stuff i like is the colors purple, black and lime green.


My first tattoo for a friend that i've lost.
[DEADXSILENCE] Introduction Imag0111

Taurus symbol.
[DEADXSILENCE] Introduction 098n10

[DEADXSILENCE] Introduction Imag0112
[DEADXSILENCE] Introduction Imag0113
[DEADXSILENCE] Introduction Imag0114

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[DEADXSILENCE] Introduction
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